Facebook’s AI software could give machines more common sense

Will this block of virtual blocks fall over? Facebook has trained up software that knows the answer.

Artificial-intelligence researchers at the company took on the project in an effort to explore how computers might learn some basic physical common sense. Understanding that, for example, unsupported objects fall, or that a larger object won’t fit inside a smaller one, is central to the way we humans predict, explain, and communicate about the world. If machines are to be more useful, they’ll need the same kind of common-sense understanding, says Mike Schroepfer, Facebook’s chief technology officer.Facebook_square_icon

“We’ve got to teach computer systems to understand the world in a similar way,” he said, at a preview last week of results he will share Tuesday at the Web Summit in Dublin, Ireland.

Humans learn the basic physics of reality at a young age by playing and observing the world. Facebook drew on its image-processing software to create a system that learned to predict whether a stack of virtual blocks will tumble.

The software learns by being given access to images of virtual stacks like the one on this page, or sometimes two stereo images like those from a pair of eyes. In the learning phase, it was shown many different stacks, some that toppled and others that didn’t. The simulation informed the learning software which did which. After enough examples, it could predict for itself with 90% accuracy if a particular stack was likely to tumble.

“If you run through a series of tests, it will beat most people,” said Schroepfer.

The research was done by Facebook’s artificial-intelligence research group in New York. It is mostly focused on crafting software that could understand images and language using a technique known as deep learning. Facebook’s group showed off a mobile app on Monday capable of answering questions about the content of photos.

Yann LeCun, director of the group and also a professor at NYU, told MIT Technology Reviewthat the system for predicting when blocks will topple shows that more complex physical simulations might be used to teach more basic principles of physical common sense. “It serves to establish a baseline — if we were to train the system unsupervised, it has enough power to figure things out like that,” he said.

LeCun’s group previously developed a system called a “memory network” that can pick up some basic common sense and verbal reasoning skills by reading simple stories (see “Teaching Machines to Understand Us“).

for MIT Technology Review

2015-11-03 21:55:58 UTC

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Source: How Facebook’s AI software could give machines more common sense

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