Finds You Won’t Believe Were Found On Earth

Archaeology isn’t always the most interesting of subjects; not until there is some sort of jaw-dropping type of discovery, that is. The time they discovered the legendary lost civilization of the Monkey God, for instance. What we find of past civilizations, cultures and cities is astounding and eye-opening. It helps paint a much clearer picture of the world that existed before our time, and sometimes the history books just do not have it right. Here are some archaeological finds you may never have read about in history class.

1. The Unfinished Obelisk.

This obelisk was carved directly from bedrock, but after cracks appeared in the granite it was abandoned.


3. Costa Rica’s Stone Spheres.

Hundreds of granodiorite balls are scattered across Costa Rica. The balls range from three or four centimeters to three meters in diameter. Archaeologists have never been able to explain them!


4. The Voynich Manuscript.

This manuscript is a book full of writings, illustrations and diagrams that are in a language that is still unknown. The entire manuscript is a mystery, right down to the plants depicted.


Source: 12 Archaeological Finds You Won’t Believe Were Found On Earth – neekly – neekly

2 thoughts on “Finds You Won’t Believe Were Found On Earth

  1. A reasonable number of moa soft tissue remains have been found. I had the chance to see some behind the scenes at the Otago Museum, many years ago. The material isn’t well enough preserved to yield usable dna, so the chance of resurrecting the species seems pretty slim.

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