Mapping the Empires of History

The kingdoms and empires that once ruled across vast lands have by no means been forgotten – the power of the Roman Empire is still a symbol of greatness to this day and the remnants of the British and Spanish empires can be easily seen by the widespread nature of their respective languages.

However, you’d be forgiven for not being fully aware of the exact locations that these empires ruled over. And since here at Just The Flight we love to help you discover new locations across the globe, we thought you may like to know the fascinating histories of the countries you are visiting! That’s why we have mapped the empires of the past onto a modern political map – to show exactly where they ruled at their formidable best!

From the Aztecs to Ottomans – see where some of the most famous, infamous and powerful empires ruled in our infographic “Mapping the Empires of History” below!

Source: Mapping the Empires of History – Just the Flight Travel Blog

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