Nestle’s Corporate Takeover of Water

“Based in Switzerland, Nestle is the largest food corporation in the world, taking in about $1 Billion dollars annually.

Nestle doesn’t do just chocolate syrup and chocolate milk, it owns many packaged food brands, including several brands of bottled water, like Deer Park, Poland Springs, Arrowhead, Ice Mountain, Ozarka, and Zephyrhills.

By calculating their markup, bottled water is most likely their most profitable business. You see, Nestle rakes in an outrages amount of profits from bottling and reselling water it extracts from groundwater in about 86 different countries around the world.


Nestle pays a pittance for the water it extracts from the local public watersheds, then packages it into individual, single-use containers, and sells it back to the public at a markup of roughly 50 Million percent! 50 MILLION PERCENT!!! Ridiculous!

Nestle relentlessly fights to remove local restrictions that would prevent it from pumping water during drought conditions, making it especially difficult for local residents to obtain water.

Peter Brabeck
Peter Brabeck

In fact, Nestle CEO, Peter Brabeck personally believes that water should be privatized and applied a price, like every other commodity. In its arrogance, Nestle actually believes that it has more of a right to the water than the people of the local communities have.

Not only does Nestle fight local residents over water rights, but they actively finance efforts to prevent the rights of everyone from knowing if their food is safe to eat. Nestle has donated over a Million dollars in the state of California, to help fund a multi-million dollar misinformation campaign to prevent the GMO labeling of food in California. It’s highly likely that they’ll be funding future misinformation campaigns against us, as well.”

We bring this up at QuantumBits because the environment is important and companies like Nestlé, one of many corporations, don’t care about you or your environment. Water is sold in plastic bottles while plastic in our oceans will outnumber fish in 20 years. Please get involved with activists fighting these companies that have the power to end life on this planet. Hell, they are wanting the ice caps to melt to drill oil in the arctic. This stops now. Please share this post as much as possible. Tell your friends, neighbours, customers to do the same. We need to stand up now, while we have the chance. Our kids futures depends on it.

There’s a Climate Summit in Bonn, Germany this week. Turn up, get involved and let the powerful know how we, the people really feel.

Thank you for reading and, again, please share.


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