Unleash The Kraken: Tales From The Deep

Rambling History

Peering into the unknown this evening, my good friend Jacob Farr (A University of Kent Classics graduate) delves into the mystery surrounding many a seafarers’ worst nightmare; The Kraken

As I was sat watching David Attenborough, a deep burning fire was reignited as I gazed in awe at the colossal squid sprawling across my screen. Being a Classics graduate, I’ve always had a bit of an obsession with giant mythical creatures. From Greek to Norse mythology, giant squid-like creatures have been ever present, and in my cynical teenage years, I even questioned their existence.

colossal squid, norse mythology, wildlife, nature Colossal Squid can grow to incredible sizes. Are these the sea creatures of old Norse tales?

Now, I understand that colossal squids are real, that they can grow to a whopping 40-50m in length, weighing up to 750kg, and they are the largest known invertebrates on the planet. However, I still cannot get my…

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