About QuBits

QuantumBits – The Best Science Stories Of Our Time

Welcome to QuantumBits. If you’ve reached here you are as crazy about science as I am.

As Carl Sagan said “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known”. So far I have reached 95% of countries in the world with this blog and the plan is to reach to the other 5%. Make it happen and share the site with your friends so we can share the knowledge.

You can email me at zxer1974@gmail.com if you have any queries.moi2

If you like the content and would like to donate a small amount you can do so here or below. A Dollar, a Euro or even a Kwanza is a huge help. All donations will grow the site so I can try to bring the best of science to the world. Thanks so much in advance and enjoy the posts 🙂

By the way  my name is David, I like to share the wonders of our Universe on this site and I’m a post-grad of physics and computer science. Say hi 🙂


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